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Ran by true cat lovers with over eight years of experience that enjoy making owners feel comfortable leaving their precious bundles, Only Cats Boarding is dedicated to make sure each stay feels like home for your feline friend. Cats are enticed with catnip, toys and laser lights. Dawn talks to your cat using their names and tries to help your cat feel secure and safe. We offer 24 hour on site service, as well as providing each cat with their own private cage and individual play time.

Play time happens multiple times throughout the day and includes human interaction, plenty of toys and climbing areas for them to enjoy. Not an active kitty?! Not a problem, they can always sunbathe and enjoy the bird watching near the sunshine streaming through the window. And as a courtesy we provide updates during their stay via text, or email, so you will know how they are doing while you are away. If your cat doesn't like to leave home, we even do home visits!

Here's What Everyone Is Saying

A satisfied customer!

l have left Stella in Dawn's kitty hotel for several years ....often for two weeks ...Stella has always been well taken care of. Dawn has thorough documentation for feeding, meds ECT. Our furry family members have an option of a three level vertical condo or a horizontal one. My Stella is a climber and seems very content to sit high. They are given free time to explore the room and entertain themselves with the various toys and tunnels available. l never worry about leaving Stella ...Dawn is a true cat lover.

-Chris P.

A satisfied customer!

Dawn is the best! She doesn't just keep your cats in in their 3-story crates.. they get plenty of play time, which she enjoys as much as the cats, lol. plus she went above and beyond for us... buying 2 extra crates, to accommodate our 4 cats - on the run from hurricane Irma. Highly recommend!!!.

-Lo L.

A satisfied customer!

I've been sending my kitty, Rocko, to Only Cats Boarding for three years and he is always happy and comfortable there. He gets plenty of time to roam in a spacious room with lots of attention from Dawn, the owner. The cages are also very spacious with three levels to climb and rest on. Dawn is very professional, ensuring all cats that stay there are healthy and up to date on vaccinations. She also sends regular photos and text updates so I can always see what Rocko is up to while I'm away. I wouldn't consider sending Rocko anywhere else, my mind is always at ease when he's staying at Only Cats Boarding!

-Kati R.

A satisfied customer!

My Harlow loves staying with Dawn. She's a scaredy cat, afraid of her own shadow, so the first time there she hid behind her blanket for days. Now when I drop her off, she is so happy to see Dawn and her old friends that stay the same time as Harlow every year. She loves her 3 story condo, cuz she likes high places. In fact last time I don't think she wanted to go home with boring old me. LOL

-Mary F.

A satisfied customer!

I've been boarding my cat here since I moved to Asheville 3 years ago. I'd never take her anywhere else. She gets one on one attention and playtime, a 3 tiered cage and a clean, professional environment. There are lots of toys for the cats and a window ledge in front of the bird feeders to watch the birds! Can't beat it.

-Erin O.

A satisfied customer!

Dawn is amazing and very wonderful! I have a very spoiled cat that I never trusted in anyone’s care. He is also an escape artist that she handled very well. She was so great with him and let me know how he was doing everyday while I was gone. She gave me such piece of mind. She is kind and responsive. She also sent pics of him just so that I could see him and I really appreciated that. I highly recommend Dawn!

-Christa M.

A satisfied customer!

Oh my goodness, what to even say! Dawn is the best cat sitter in the world! I never thought that I would have such a pleasant experience (I was very nervous) especially since it was my first time boarding up Willie who was a rescue. Willie was very skittish when I adopted him last year and he flinched whenever you would try to pet him. To attest how amazing Dawn is, when I got him back (after 12 nights) he no longer flinched! I don’t know what she did, but she’s helped Willie blossom into such a confident cat during that short stay. Willie clearly had a great time at this “cat resort”. I’m so thankful for Dawn and I enjoy talking to her on the phone. She’s seriously a wonderful, kind, and quirky lady. It’s clear she loves cats and understands them. She kept contact with me daily and sent me photos of Willie. The initial sign up was super easy and the payment was no fuss. You can count on Ms. Dawn to take good care of your kitty! 😻 I will definitely use her services again. From a cat person to another, thank you!!

-Mi T.

A satisfied customer!

Dawn has been watching our kitties for years now. You cannot find a more caring person to care for your fur babies. Sometimes they stay at her place and sometimes she comes to our house. Dawn does whatever the situation calls for always bringing toys and playtime with her. I really appreciate the texts and pics when we’re away for an extended time. I always know they’re in good hands.

-Grace B.

A satisfied customer!

This was my first time away from my Koda. I was very nervous being away from him even only for a few days. But Dawn put my mind at ease very quickly. She is such a wonderful care taker, who sent me daily live updates and pictures to ease my mind. I am definitely a reoccurring customer, and have found my permanent boarding home for koda. Highly recommend with great prices too!

-Dehkontee D.

A satisfied customer!

We have used Dawn's Only Cats Boarding for at least the last 5 years and Max has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! We have gone to Florida for several months and had Dawn come to our home for shorter getaways. Dawn is completely trustworthy and a fantastic pet sitter, either in your home or hers. And the most important thing is Max just loves her.

-Linda W.

A satisfied customer!

We found Dawn as we moved into Asheville; we visited the cats only type of boarding. Her (older) place was clean but cluttered with toys, and lots of play space. (Since she has moved, the same condition prevails.) We have been using Only Cats for over three years. We knew we had a winner the first time we picked up our older cat; he was comfortably resting in her arms when we drove up; something he doesn’t do with us (he is touch sensitive). He sulked for three days when he got home. Now we have a second younger cat, and she has a great time (Dawn sends pictures when we are away) They each have their own condo next to each other but have a lot of playtime together (I think they provide amusement for Dawn). Cats that were strangers, if they show friendliness to each other, are allowed a supervised tryout time. If it is successful, they can play together. We travel a lot and are very relieved as the cats enjoy their “cat camp.” Wouldn’t go elsewhere.

-Pat C.

A satisfied customer!

Dawn, you are an angel and you follow your calling with such love and sweet devotion. Bless you! It is such a gift to be able to leave my beloved Mocha with you knowing he is happy and loved. Thank you.


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